Dan was born with part of his face missing, and since then he’s only gotten funnier. He grew up in rural New York and became interested in comedy at an early age. Although he was years away from becoming a live performer, he found many opportunities to develop his comedy writing skills through personal film projects and other collaborative efforts.

In college he helped create a semi-comedic radio show called The Dan, Dan, and Mordecai Show, where he and his friend Dan were joined by a fictional third host named Mordecai, a mysterious DJ whose voice was never heard, which the other hosts attributed to a faulty microphone. The show lasted for two years, and regularly received phone calls from hecklers. After college, the two Dans co-wrote and recorded a satirical movie commentary for the 1996 Arnold Schwarzenegger film Eraser, which became the featured submission on Rifftrax.com in March 2014, and ranked at #24 of Rifftrax’s Top 50 “iRiffs.”

An introvert suffering from severe social anxiety, he initially pursued an academic career. Although spending long hours in library basements was certainly exhilarating, Dan discovered that it was not the life he wanted. What he really wanted was to make people laugh (and to avoid manual labor). Thus he became a stand-up comedian.

Since then, Dan has performed all over the country, appearing in numerous festivals, and headlining clubs and other venues in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Dan blends offbeat absurdist humor with personal stories. He seamlessly combines eccentric one-liners and stories about awkward interactions with friends, strangers, and even pigeons. People frequently describe his material as smart, fun, and weirdly relatable, and he tends to be a crowd favorite. He currently hosts a podcast about joke writing called Dan Has Jokes. He also writes and stars in his own web series, a late night talk show parody called Heavily Edited.