Ep. 13 - OLGA Gets a Voluntary Colonoscopy


How do you convince an audience that you’re so desperate for laughs, you may actually be willing to subject them to a live colonoscopy? And is there a way to work in a swimming pool noodle as a prop? These are just some of the questions pondered by Jen Diamond and Pam Hugi, members of Baltimore’s favorite two-person comedy group, OLGA. Meanwhile, Dan dredges up a painfully awkward memory from high school in search of a joke.

This episode marks the first time in Dan Has Jokes’ long and distinguished (two-month) history that two guests have appeared on the podcast together. Jen and Pam have been performing together as OLGA for years, in both improv and stand-up comedy formats. They reveal lots of fun and interesting things about the nature of writing for a two-person comedy act, and talk with Dan about bombing, heckling, and trying to get onto bigger comedy shows at the last second. There’s also some discussion about YouTube celebrities, and how to give your YouTube video a killer title (in the end, nobody can solve that puzzle).

Dan shares a story about a time he took a joke too far in high school, while watching a Robin Williams movie with his friends, and Jen and Pam offer thoughts on how a story like that could be adapted for the stage. In the meantime, Jen and Pam want to come up with a new OLGA routine involving props. There is discussion about them putting everything on hold to explore the contents of a mysterious backpack while an audience watches, but then Pam discloses her wish to do something related to the topic of colonoscopies. This turns into a full blown discussion about how to create tension for the audience, even to the point of hilarious discomfort, before breaking the tension in a funny and satisfying way. They end by talking about Kevin James’ recent comedy special, and the intrinsic humor of a grown rich man pretending not to understand things in society that are completely understandable.

Dan Kapr