Ep. 17 - Ian Salyers Pretty Much Derails Everything


It’s the most stonerific episode yet! Ian has some ideas for jokes about Frasier and alcoholism, but oh boy does the conversation go off topic and get weird. Really, guys… this is a hard episode to describe. But it’s fun!

Dan and Ian talk about local comedy competitions, and Ian doesn’t really need to pay attention to underlings like Dan now that he has been crowned the most important comedian who ever lived. Dan talks about opening for a comedy hypnotist, and he and Ian speculate about how a hypnotist preps his material. Ian encourages Dan to hire an intern for the podcast, an idea which Dan isn’t thrilled about. Ian hates when fantasy football leagues show up at open mics and Dan suggests getting revenge on them by showing up at their football game viewing parties.

Ian suggests that Dan add a jingle to identify the beginning of the joke-writing half of the podcast, and Dan obliges. Dan has an idea for a joke about ghosts and hipsters, but thinks it might be a mistake to try to talk about hipsters. Ian wants to joke about how Frasier began as anti-white propaganda, although somehow the conversation turns to all manner of topics. Ian has another joke about alcoholism and then after that it’s anyone’s guess what the podcast is actually about. It all comes back to hypnosis and robots.

Dan Kapr