Ep. 14 - Stefen Micheal Doesn’t Want Your Positive Vibes


At what point does it become unhealthy to make yourself feel positive feelings? Stefen can’t stand “positive vibes” people, but needs to find a way to joke about them while getting the audience to side with him. He also has a joke about people who overshare, and perhaps there is a connection to be made between these two bits. Meanwhile, Dan is preparing for a big college gig, and has some ideas for how to engage the audience with college-related jokes.

Stefen is a relatively new comic who used to work for the US Post Office, and if you’ve ever suspected your mailman of being on drugs, Stefen is here to tell you how right you are. Dan talks a little about how being a collections agent was such a miserable experience, he needed to start performing stand-up for the mental relief. They talk about the importance of knowing what you’re working on every time you go to an open mic, and the difficulty of maintaining healthy eating habits after you’ve bombed horribly.

For an upcoming college show, Dan is looking for ways to engage the students by riffing on their degree programs. Unfortunately, the jokes he has in mind are not very good. (Note: Dan’s college show went great, everyone! The crowd work was a huge success.) Meanwhile, Stefen has some things to say about blinds and why they suck. He also rants about positive vibes people, and observes that negative emotions are a crucial part of human life. This leads him and Dan to explore funny ways to get a person to stop feeling positive for the sake of their own health. They end by talking about how full honesty is inappropriate for certain contexts, which leads to an unexpected but delightful ending in which two unrelated jokes get fused together in a very entertaining way.

Dan Kapr