Ep. 19 - The Mike Moran Episode, with the Director’s Commentary


Mike is a music snob who won’t listen to anything past Now That’s What I Call Music 14, but what else would a person like that be snobbish about? And how do you make it funny? Mike knows there is something there, and just wants to figure out what it is. Meanwhile, Dan is looking for a good way to misdirect the audience about his new living situation.

Dan has been a fan of Mike’s comedy since becoming a comic himself, and swears he once heard Mike do a joke about sequels and Mountain Dew: Code Red, although Mike doesn’t remember working on the bit. Dan and Mike talk about being identified as one-liner comics, even while explaining why they don’t feel the label is entirely accurate. Mike and Dan talk about the “satanic panic” and Dan reveals just how sheltered of a fundamentalist setting he grew up in, much to Mike’s delight.

Dan is trying to write a joke about moving into a new apartment, but its current form doesn’t strike Mike as particularly good. But Mike does suggest a punchline that Dan likes. Meanwhile, Mike has a joke about listening to Jock Jams on vinyl that isn’t getting the laugh he wants, but he and Dan kick around some ideas until they stumble into the concept of treating a terrible movie as an arthouse cinematic masterpiece. This leads into the further absurdity of growing to appreciate an extremely low-quality direct-to-video cartoon, because the director’s commentary was just so amazing.

Dan Kapr