Ep. 20 - Kiragu Beauttah Teaches Comedy


Is it possible to appeal to Tyler Perry in exploring common ground between white and black people? Kiragu thinks so, although he explores different ideas for which white political leader Perry most reflects. Meanwhile, Dan is trying to add a new element to an old, well-established joke in his act.

Kiragu teaches comedy to students at Frederick Douglass High School, and has some fascinating things to say about what that entails. Dan shares an email from another comic regarding a joke discussed in a previous podcast, which involves an old academic article based on a very odd scientific experiment. This leads Kiragu to reflect on his comedy, which is an attempt to speak his truth to white audiences in the hopes of disrupting problematic white narratives.

Dan recently hosted a weekend at a club, where the headliner suggested some ideas for expanding one of his jokes. It is an old bit involving Dan’s dad volunteering some strange jokes for Dan’s act. Dan wants to come up with a way to cap the bit off by giving his dad an equally strange joke idea in return. Meanwhile, Kiragu wants to bring his own personal narrative more into his act, and he and Dan discuss some ways to build on a joke about a funny argument with his wife. They also talk about Tyler Perry, and Kiragu makes a surprising analogy between Perry and a certain political leader.

Dan Kapr