Ep. 21 - Jordan Levine Presents a Chunk of Milk


I know what you’re thinking: ANOTHER milk joke? God it seems like every comedian out there is doing nothing but milk jokes. Amirite? Nevertheless Jordan is determined to put a unique spin on the genre of milk-related comedy. Meanwhile Dan is getting caught up in bathroom stall drama.

Jordan Levine is a man of many talents, though as an improv artist he is currently between troupes. He discusses the development of his world-famous opening catchphrase, much to Dan’s delight. The two reminisce about working on a bad joke together at an open mic. They talk about using comedy to make a point, and about how important it is to put effort into performing no matter how small the audience is.

Dan shares a brand new, completely untested joke idea about becoming invested in the drama of comments written inside bathroom stalls, and he and Jordan consider the bathroom stall as perhaps the least nuanced form of political discourse. Then Jordan shares a whole string of milk jokes, and Dan finds the bit to be solid, though he offers some ideas on a cow-related bit. Afterward, Dan and Jordan discuss a listener-submitted joke about why weed is better than booze.

Dan Kapr