Ep. 23 - Garrett Harvest Is a Taurus


How do you go on a rant about astrology without alienating people in the audience who are likely to believe in it? That is the challenge facing this week’s guest, Garrett Harvest. Meanwhile, Dan seems determined to outdo himself by bringing you the worst jokes he’s ever written.

Garrett has been working on establishing himself as a comedic force in the Baltimore comedy scene, having come a long way from his origins of telling a joke about tacos. (Shout out to Taco Bell, which Garrett hates but Dan loves!) Dan and Garrett agree that one key to good comedy is having a life outside of comedy, since that is where the best comedic inspiration takes place. They also talk about how setting goals in comedy and putting in the work almost guarantees that you will get better at what you’re doing.

Dan shares a terrible joke with Garrett about a mouse with a human ear growing out of its back. Is it possible that there is a good joke here? Perhaps in the hands of a better comedian, but unfortunately in Dan’s hands it’s complete garbage. Garrett wants to go on a rant about astrology, but (obviously) in a way that’s funny. For some reason, telling the audience they’re a bunch of idiots doesn’t seem to do the trick. However, he and Dan explore some ways to make the bit enjoyable, even in the event that the initial joke lands with a thud. Dan shares a couple other jokes, one about old ladies, and another about being born with part of his face missing.

Dan Kapr