Ep. 24 - Mary Romeo’s Identity Gets Stolen


Mary Romeo finds inspiration for a joke in a story about being taken in by an internet scam - but the full account plays out a bit like a Lifetime Original Movie, probably with a name like “Every Mother’s Worst Fear.” Meanwhile Dan remembers an odd experience involving a panel about comedy etiquette.

Mary originally hails from the Harrisburg comedy scene, but is currently pursuing her dreams in Los Angeles. And like everyone who pursues their dreams in Los Angeles, she has concerns about the food. She and Dan discuss the difficulties of being crowd worked by other comedians. Mary talks about why she moved to LA, and about the many logistical difficulties involved.

Dan digs into his file of old jokes that never worked and finds one idea based on a time he sat through a panel discussion about comedy etiquette wherein one of the audience members loudly clipped his nails. Mary wants to write a joke about scammy websites, but in the process shares a story about being taken in by a scam that severely stresses Dan out. They see potential for comedy in the idea of building some sort of ongoing relationship between Mary and the scammer. Dan also wants to write a joke about being in ambulances as a sick form of entertainment.

Dan Kapr