Ep. 25 - Tyler Sonnichsen Likes a Little Conspiracy in His Coffee


Tyler Sonnichsen wants to write a joke about a local coffee shop, but is worried the humor itself might be too local. He and Dan consider ways to broaden the joke, focusing on one unusual character who can always be found in a specific coffee shop that Tyler frequents. Meanwhile, Dan is determined to write a joke based on an oddly-named wifi network that he encountered.

Tyler is a Knoxville-based stand-up comedian who just recorded an album called Modern Life Is Awesome. He talks about how he wound up in Tennessee and why he likes it as a home based for his comedy career. Dan reveals that he once saw a very upsetting comedy show in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, featuring a redneck character played by an aspiring preacher. It is Dan’s hope that he will one day interview this man on the podcast.

Dan wants to write a joke about a wifi network he discovered called The Glory Hole, but knows that there needs to be more to the joke than a simple throwaway line. Tyler points out that the network might not be a silly name but might actually belong to a nearby business. But then he highlights another more religious direction to take the joke in, and Dan loves it. On the other hand, Tyler is working on a joke about a coffee shop with bad wifi due to one patron’s daily habit of watching conspiracy theory videos there on his computer all day. Dan wonders why the patron has not been asked to leave, and suggests that perhaps he actually owns the coffee shop. This raises a number of possible directions for Tyler’s joke about the conspiracy theorist’s backstory and his continuing role in the arts scene of eastern Tennessee. Tyler and Dan also work on a joke about brand loyalty.

Dan Kapr