Ep. 1 - Scott Seiss Gets an Awkward Bachelor Party


Think strip clubs are creepy? Wait until you hear about the party Scott’s friends are throwing him — at least according to his new joke. It’s a funny concept, but Scott keeps getting weird stares from the audience when he tells it onstage. Dan and Scott agree that something in the setup needs to change.

Welcome to the podcast all about joke writing. In the first half of this episode, we learn that Scott once beat Dan in a stand-up competition, but it’s okay because Dan headlined a different competition where Scott accidentally disqualified himself, so it all evens out. Scott explains his former love for Jim Carrey and Dan realizes that this is why Scott acted like a lunatic the first time he ever saw Scott perform. Scott talks about the worst time he ever bombed. Dan tries to figure out why Scott seems like a clean comic even though he isn’t, and Scott adds to the confusion by mentioning his discomfort with the word “sex,” which makes Dan feel awkward.

And then it’s time to write some jokes! Dan discusses a recent experience where a man in the audience told him, as he bombed, that “it was a good try.” Scott is working on a new joke about his friends throwing him a bachelor party, ending with Scott getting a lap dance from a TV (in the joke, not during the podcast). Dan tells Scott about a bit he tried involving a flip-pad and ten generic restaurant slogans he found on forketers.com, and then they visit the website and marvel at how weird it is. They talk about Scrooge McDuck and Tommy Lee Jones, and Scott says some very strange things about Jeff Bezos and tentacles. They end by discussing Scott’s joke about a team-building exercise, and Scott’s coworker turns out to be an FBI agent.

Dan Kapr