Ep. 3 - Brendan Krick, the Zoo’s Worst Employee


To a casual reader of the Wall Street Journal, Brendan is a horrible man. Fortunately, his experience of being interviewed, and then misrepresented, by the popular newspaper seems to be a goldmine for stage material. Brendan and Dan explore ways to make the bit work.

Brendan was formerly a Pennsylvania comic, but recently moved out to LA. He and Dan discuss some quirks of the LA scene, and some of the hilarious ways that comics lie about how successful they are. Brendan reveals that he began his comedy career by performing in a suit because of Steve Martin, and Dan confesses that he spent a year wearing a suit onstage for the exact same reason. They discuss the tendency of new comics to joke about things that aren’t relatable. Brendan writes for a satire site called The Hard Times, and they discuss some of Brendan’s articles and the relationship between one-liners and satirical headlines.

Brendan then shares his experience of being interviewed by the Wall Street Journal because of his jokes about Tinder. Dan wonders why such an interview would even be featured in the Wall Street Journal. Brendan explains how his attempt at ironic humor didn’t translate well into print, thanks in part to the writer omitting certain crucial statements, culminating in Brendan being trashed on Reddit. Dan is trying to find a good punchline for a joke about Getty Images, and Brendan offers a promising idea involving nude photos. Finally, Brendan unveils an idea for a joke about being a security guard at the zoo who forms a strange bond with a man who routinely breaks in at night to… ahem… visit the animals. Maybe the Wall Street Journal was right?

Dan Kapr