Ep. 4 - Elizabeth Norman Loves Possums, Hates the Color Perpel


You might think there’s a limit to how much a person should think about opossums, and you’re probably right, but Elizabeth is here to flout our silly social conventions. Opossums are weird, misbegotten creatures who come out at night - they might as well be comedians. Dan and Elizabeth try to find humor in their horrible existence.

After Elizabeth mentions that she’s an art teacher, she and Dan talk about art and creativity and how it relates to stand-up comedy. Dan reminisces about his first creative project, which was a movie about a dragon who gets sick and goes to a bar/pharmacy, offends the regulars, and winds up having to fight them in a violent finale. He and Elizabeth then discuss certain weird aspects of growing up in Christian environments, leading Elizabeth to share one of her jokes about a very uncomfortable testimonial. She also talks about the monthly comedy showcase she runs in Baltimore, Club Out of Town, which everyone should definitely check out.

And then it’s joke time! And it’s time for Elizabeth to bust out all sorts of facts about opossums, American history, and even ghost tours. It turns out she’s had a lot of interesting jobs and knows an awful lot of stuff about a lot of things. What this means is, she’s trying to write a joke about deveining shrimp. But most importantly, she has things to say about a seven-year-old who, shockingly, is bad at spelling. Dan thinks it would be funny for Elizabeth to make herself the villain of the story. Meanwhile, Dan wants to explore the concept of a surprise birthday party where everyone waits too long to get up and yell “Surprise!”

Dan Kapr