Ep. 6 - Eric Navarro's Very Sad Moving Day


How do you make the saddest day of your life funny? Eric reflects on his recent divorce, and wants to tell a joke about having to move to a new place. It’s a funny premise for sure, but there’s no payoff. Yet once Eric starts ranting about his useless neighbors, he and Dan see an opportunity for good comedy.

Dan and Eric discuss the necessity of bombing, and share stories about weird jokes and wild crowds. Eric discusses one of his old jokes, and Dan gleefully points out that it was actually a famous Ray Romano joke that Eric unwittingly mimicked. They reminisce about Dan’s old habit of throwing business cards into the audience, and Eric tells Dan this made him look like a douche.

Dan talks about a new joke that starts as an observational bit and turns into an absurdist account of a personal mishap. He wants to add more, but Eric thinks the joke could go in a different, even more absurd direction. Meanwhile, Eric wants to talk about what it was like to have to move out of his ex-wife’s house without any help. In particular, he sees humor in the sad image of dragging the couch he’s been sleeping on out to a moving truck by himself. But Dan wonders if Eric’s hatred of his neighbors couldn’t be a source for a stronger punchline. In a first for the podcast, Dan receives an email from a listener about a joke idea that needs work. He and Eric discuss general comedy principles and offer lots of different ideas for ways the bit could go.

Dan Kapr