Ep. 7 - Ryan Lina's Friend Has Terrible Parents


You know how some parents are strict, while others are cool with their kid going missing? Ryan knows that the story of a classmate who stepped out of math class (through a window, for some reason) has great comedic potential, but right now it’s just a long setup with a single quick punch at the end. But Dan thinks he should dig deeper into just what is going on with this family (something perhaps the police should have done themselves).

Ryan is back from a month-long comedy hiatus caused by illness, but Dan makes him feel guilty for not doing mics anyway. They discuss a mutually beloved old TV show that made absolutely no sense while suggesting the world was a much more terrifying place than it actually is (which is saying something). Dan and Ryan share the first jokes they ever told onstage, which are predictably terrible. Ryan used to perform in a blazer, and tells Dan the story of how he wound up on Artie Lange’s podcast so early in his comedy career. (There are lots of relevant pics to see on the Instagram, check them out @danhasjokes!)

Then it’s time for jokes. Ryan and Dan revisit one of Dan’s jokes-in-progress from an earlier episode. Dan has an old joke about his seminary degree that he wants to improve, and Ryan has lots of funny suggestions, all of which make God sound like some kind of problem child. Then Ryan shares a bizarre story about a classmate who disappeared for three days, in a very casual way, receiving a very casual amount of concern from his parents. Dan thinks Ryan needs to offer a bigger story about what is actually going on with this family. They end talking about a new joke Dan is working on about gender reveal parties.

Dan Kapr