Ep. 8 - Michael Furr Takes on the Sologamists


At what point do you give up on love and settle… for yourself? Michael has some things to say about a bizarre practice in which people publicly commit themselves to themselves. He knows there is a comedy gold mine here, and wants to keep digging until he can find it. 

Michael is a beloved comic in the Baltimore comedy scene, and he and Dan discuss some of his recent accomplishments, including recording a stand-up album and MC’ing the Baltimore Pride Parade. Dan learns that Michael used to make comic books about superheroes, and Michael is more than happy to talk about his extended fictional universe. They discuss the process of revisiting old jokes, and the importance of making yourself get onstage if it’s something you dream of doing.

In the joke writing session, Dan shares that he is thinking about trying to open up more about his personal anxiety onstage, as opposed to simply delivering absurd one-liners. He’s not sure what that will look like, but he has a joke about being socially intimidated by pigeons that he wants to try. Michael’s reaction is very encouraging. And then Michael delves into the subject of sologamy, the practice of marrying oneself. He has some good jokes for this topic, but he and Dan go digging for more, culminating in an extended rapid-fire riff session about a particular man who married himself while dressed as a half-man, half woman. There is a brief deviation into a joke about annoying customer service phone recordings, but Dan quickly pulls the discussion back into the wonders of sologamy, and more riffing ensues.

Dan Kapr