Ep. 5 - Nicki Fuchs Gets Weird on a Cruise


What do you do if a psychic offers you cryptic joke advice? In Nicki’s case, you spend years thinking about how to talk about one of your most embarrassing moments from the stage. This particular moment involved an ill-advised… let’s call it “show of affection,” while having dinner on a cruise with her boyfriend’s parents. Dan agrees that there is comedy in this painfully awkward story, but leans toward the idea of embellishing the story to make it crazier.

Dan and Nicki have both been performing comedy in their local scene for about the same amount of time, and Dan reveals to Nicki that she was hosting the open mic where Dan bombed his hardest. Dan is also thrilled that Nicki is a scientist, and Nicki reveals that she once performed a very science-related comedy set for her coworkers. She also talks about a recent controversial comedy special that had a big impact on her, and discusses her writing group.

And then they dive right into joke writing. Dan discusses some new one-liners, including one that bombed at a mic Nicki was hosting the night before. He and Nicki talk about how to tell when it’s time to give up on a one-liner. Nicki talks about her cruise experience, and she and Dan explore different directions the story can go in. Nicki also reveals her deep love of Southwest drink coupons.

Dan Kapr