Ep. 10 - Beth Haydon Ponders Comedy and Mayonnaise


Chewing gum, homophobia and fetal alcohol syndrome: How does it all tie together? At first glance, Beth’s jokes seem to touch on very different topics, but she and Dan sense that they are all tied together somehow by the underlying persona Beth is bringing to the stage.

Beth is relatively new to the world of stand-up comedy but has already established herself a bit in the local scene, even winning a competition at Magooby’s Joke House. She and Dan discuss the differences in their starting points, and then Dan tries to get his head around a strange bit that Beth has been trying involving mayonnaise. Dan talks about jokes that his dad wrote for him, and Beth talks about an upcoming cereal podcast.

Beth’s jokes get into pretty dark territory, touching on topics like abortion and fetal alcohol syndrome, and Dan comments on the difficulty of getting a laugh from an audience on a topic like this unless the punchline can really deliver. There is something really funny here though, and it comes up again when Beth talks about people who see gum-chewing as a vice, or people who expressed concern to Beth’s parents because they thought she might be gay. She and Dan explore the idea of a person who is coming away from a conservative upbringing, but still trying to engage with it, albeit in a really funny way.

Dan Kapr