Ep. 12 - Josh Kuderna Is Definitely a Josh


Face tattoos, escape rooms, and squeegee kids - these are just some of the ideas occupying Josh’s mind. Why would someone do that? Who would pay for that? And how did those kids know his name was Josh? As Josh contemplates his inner Joshness, Dan tries to draw material from his past experience of professionally chasing bears away from campers.

Dan and Josh talk about the differences between improv and stand-up while Dan’s unpaid interns crumble under the stress of their job. Josh really digs into an analogy about eating a turd sandwich, and Dan admits that he’s been eating turd sandwiches for over four years and highly recommends it. They discuss the rewards of seeing yourself get better at comedy, and share a few funny stories from the stage.

Dan reveals to Josh that he used to be an assistant camp director, which mainly seems to have involved dealing with wildlife and pest control. There is humor in the mere thought of Dan being someone who is paid to deal with bears, but Dan wants to use a story from his bear-chasing days as a callback to another camp-related joke. Josh sees potential in one particular story from Dan where a camp staffer described a bear over the radio in racially uncomfortable terms. Meanwhile, Josh is working on a bunch of jokes, some more established, and some brand new. He likes joking about the Baltimore accent, but wonders if the joke can find a general audience. He also wants to find a better setup for a story about squeegee kids who figured out his name was Josh just by looking at him, and Dan explores some ways to say more about life as a Josh - whatever that means. Josh also sees comedic potential in face tattoos and escape rooms, and Dan is absolutely delighted at the thought of how an escape room could go horribly wrong.

Dan Kapr