Ep. 9 - Don't Let Lyle Drescher Use Your Bathroom


The podcast officially has its first poop joke! What begins as an observational bit from Lyle about toilet paper quickly devolves into a discussion of strange bathroom behavior. But there is good comedic potential here.

Dan and Lyle discuss Lyle’s early entry into stand-up, and what it was like being a teenage comedian. They talk about anxiety at open mics, and Dan reveals that he has recently been exploring his anxiety through comedy. Lyle talks about his short-lived but excellent Philly comedy room, The Cave, which Dan holds in high regard.

For the joke segment, Dan revisits the topic of anxiety and discusses a new opener he’s been using based on his discomfort with walking into a crowded venue. Meanwhile Lyle has a few new jokes about cell phones and a security guard with a strong attitude about museum art. Lyle has the beginning of an observational bit about toilet paper, but isn’t sure what to do with it. Dan sees an opportunity for a callback to a different joke.

Dan Kapr