Ep. 27 - Audrie Marsh Doesn’t Believe in Morning People


Dan sits down with Pennsylvania comic Audrie Marsh to discuss a number of interesting topics for comedy: the relationship between punching up and using self-deprecating humor, the experience of bombing during a long set, and encountering audiences who you don’t like. Dan also shares an experience from his recent trip to San Francisco where he nearly died - well, that’s a bit overdramatic, but he did see a knife fight almost break out right next to him at the public library.

Dan’s life is just full of trauma these days, as he is working on a joke based on another recent experience in which someone left a very unpleasant delivery waiting for him at the entrance to his apartment. Dan and Audrie discuss the limits of doing a long joke about poop. Meanwhile, Audrie is working on jokes about morning people, specifically, the fact that morning people can’t possibly exist. She also shares a one-liner about “lesbian bed death,” which is a new concept to Dan. Dan talks about helping his mom write an autobiography, and Audrie cracks Dan up with a story about her mom misunderstanding a very basic corny joke.

Dan Kapr