Ep. 28 - Natalie McGill’s Odd Bus Driver


Dan talks with DC comedian Natalie McGill about bombing, and then they work on a joke about a song with an oddly sexual connection to Christmas. To Dan’s absolute delight, Natalie sparks a discussion about Kurtis Blow, leading to yet another attempt to salvage Dan’s Kurtis Blow joke.

In the extended episode (available at PATREON.COM/DANHASJOKES), Dan and Natalie talk about forgetting things onstage, and ways of writing material from one’s own experience. Natalie shares her love for old TV shows, and Dan tells a story from childhood about how his mother forbade him to watch Pee-Wee Herman’s show or movies in the most traumatizing way possible.

Dan tries to build a joke on his experience of almost witnessing a knife fight in the San Francisco Public Library, and Natalie works on a bit about the way prizes are distributed at trivia nights. Dan has a one-liner about an odd food choice, while Natalie has a joke about being invited to join a threeway.

Dan Kapr