Ep. 30 - John Nagle Doesn’t Need To Go Hang Gliding

You haven’t heard a good movie rant until you’ve spent some time with John Nagle. John, who has cerebral palsy, “has some thoughts” when it comes to the Bryan Cranston/Kevin Hart film The Upside and its depiction of life with a disability. John wants to turn these thoughts into a bit for the stage, and it seems to be a very promising bit, though he and Dan discuss some ways to make it stronger. Dan and John also spend some time discussing the lack of accessibility in many comedy venues, and the impact this has on the comedy itself.

In the extended episode (available at PATREON.COM/DANHASJOKES) Dan and John go on many tangents about Mel Brooks, the Marx Brothers, and Looney Tunes, and Dan works on a number of short jokes that either meet with John’s approval or go willingly into the trash bin.

Dan Kapr