Ep. 32 - Abby Mello Fights Gum Disease

Abby Mello drops by to talk about her experience of getting into stand-up comedy, and she and Dan talk about some practical ways that new comics can find rooms to perform in. Abby talks about how she brings her perspective as an academic into the comedy process, and expresses a desire to do a psychological study of people who get into comedy. She and Dan work on jokes about marrying Santa Claus and unconventional ways of addressing dementia.

In the extended episode (available at PATREON.COM/DANHASJOKES) Dan and Abby talk about comedy resources, and Dan shares his experience of mentoring another comic using principles he learned in an e-book. Dan shares a couple weird new jokes, and then he and Abby do a joke writing exercise together to come up with some more options for her dementia joke.

Dan Kapr