Ep. 29 - The Tom Myers Experience


Oh boy. This one is a doozie, friends. You may be familiar with comedian Tom Myers, whether from listening to his various stand-up albums, or watching his media appearances, or even just from getting caught up in his unique comedy legacy, which has gained a rather impressive following online. If so, you know exactly what you’re getting into with this one. If you aren’t familiar with Tom Myers… you will be soon enough.

In the extended episode (available at PATREON.COM/DANHASJOKES), Tom shares some wild stories from his life as a traveling comedian, talks about taking down hecklers, and discusses his reasons for why he named his most recent comedy album MAKE AMERICA INNATE AGAIN. Dan is determined to finish writing a joke about helping his mom write her autobiography, while Tom shares joke ideas ranging from bachelor parties to religious schools to enhanced interrogation techniques.

Dan Kapr