Ep. 34 - Mike Quindlen’s Magic Genealogy

Who was the original model for truck nuts? This is one of many questions pondered by Mike Quindlen, a beloved comedian and booker in the Baltimore comedy scene. Mike talks about how and why he got involved in comedy, and Dan explores more of Gary Gulman’s comedy tips to the point where we should probably worry that Dan is in a Gary Gulman cult. Dan and Mike also talk about dealing with hecklers. Dan wants to improve a bit he’s been using dealing with his personal anxiety, while Mike is looking for a way to get an audience to enjoy his rant about genealogies.

In the extended episode (available at patreon.com/danhasjokes) Dan shares a weird bit with Mike in which he attempts to respond to the criticism that he only tells jokes about animals. Meanwhile Mike wishes he could get a better response to a bit involving crabs and heroine.

Dan Kapr