Ep. 35 - Lilly Sparks Has an Escape Plan

Most of us, when we were children, were busy working on elaborate apocalypse survival plans, but not Lilly Sparks. She’s a bit quirky, you see? And she has a whole bit about virgin sacrifices to prove it. Dan sits down to talk to Lilly, who is less than a year into comedy. They talk about film and art and her dad’s podcast about medicare for all (hear! hear!). In honor of Lilly being in her first year, Dan shares a joke from his first year that he could never get to work. Then he and Lilly try to sharpen up a bit about escaping from being sacrificed as a child.

In the extended episode (available at patreon.com/danhasjokes), Dan shares another first year joke that sort of worked sometimes, which involved taking a classic old joke and expanding on it in a weird direction. Lilly thinks the joke should be darker. Then Lilly explores the possibility of doing a joke about her family’s experience of an inverted version of the American Dream.

Dan Kapr