Ep. 37 - Mike Smith Can’t Use His Creed Joke

This episode kicks off with the sad realization that the podcast’s existing tagline has to be retired, for reasons explained by Dan. Mike Smith talks about his journey from theater into comedy, and an odd wardrobe choice he made for a role in Little Shop of Horrors. Dan talks about a cringe-inducing sketch he starred in when he was a youth pastor. During the joke writing session, Dan searches desperately for a good punchline about a catfish joke, and Mike laments the time-sensitive nature of his joke about the movie Creed.

In the extended episode (available at patreon.com/danhasjokes) Dan and Mike talk about many other things related to stage performance, and in the joke writing half they talk about comics whose sets got ruined when the preceding act deconstructed the very kind of comedy they were about to perform.

Dan Kapr