Ep. 42 - Lenny Shelton & Raja Michael Earn Brownie Points

Dan sits down with Lenny Shelton and Raja Michael to discuss their new comedy album, Brownie Points. Lenny talks about the older scene in Los Angeles, and Raja and Dan reminisce about their friendship and the parallel paths their lives have taken. Lenny shares a personal story about Jordan Peele, and then the conversation turns to Bruce Willis and surprise movie endings. Lenny is working on a joke about black people and Canada, while Raja works on a joke about being home alone, and Dan just wants listeners to email him weird jokes they wrote in their sleep.

In the extended episode (available at patreon.com/danhasjokes) Raja and Lenny talk at a bit more length about their experience with recording an album, and Dan shares a joke idea about how divorces are announced on social media.

Dan Kapr