Ep. 45 - A Chicken Ruins Jim Bryan’s Life

Dan sits down with Jim Bryan, founder and owner of the Church of Satire Comedy Club in Hanover, Pennsylvania. Jim talks about living in Las Vegas and the perils of gambling. Dan talks about his time working in collections. They explore the challenge of writing comedy based on terrible job experiences, and finding the right approach to looking for humor in dark situations. Jim talks about his forthcoming, self-produced comedy special called “Where the Hell Is Easy Street?” Dan is working on a joke about success, and Jim shares his thoughts about roadkill. Finally, Jim talks about a chicken in his house, and Dan talks about a man who raised a raccoon from infancy to disastrous results.

In the extended episode (available at patreon.com/danhasjokes), Jim and Dan discuss the comedic legacy of Bob Saget. Jim explains why his club is called the Church of Satire, and Dan talks about his past as a preacher. Dan shares a new joke about men who wear sandals at work. Then he and Jim talk about the meaning of accidental death and dismemberment.

Dan Kapr