Ep. 51 - Pete Musto Likes Wizards

Dan sits down with DC comedian Pete Musto to talk about his comedy group The Midnight, who recently got their own show at the DC Improv. Dan and Pete talk about the distinctions between club comedy and alt comedy. After exploring the way that comedy can fail to translate into other cultural contexts, they discuss the nature of comedy and the tendency of certain comics to be offensive purely for the sake of being offensive.

Dan shares a new joke idea based on a writing exercise that involves trying to add creative punchlines to old overused setups. They spend some time talking through the trials of trying to be funny on social media. Before ending, Pete talks about the infamous facebook post where he unwittingly got involved in major Denver comedy scene drama.

Check out the bonus content (at patreon.com/danhasjokes) to hear Dan and Pete work on some new joke ideas.

Dan Kapr