Ep. 52 - Liz Miele Gives Her Mom a Voice

Dan talks to Liz Miele, who started performing stand-up when she was sixteen. Liz talks about what it was like to start out, why she started, and how her parents supported her. She shares how her comedy has changed over the course of time, although she’s still exploring very similar premises. Dan and Liz explore the balance that new comics must find between taking advantage of every opportunity and being honest about what you’re ready for.

They agree that comics need to be brutally honest with themselves at all times, for the sake of becoming a stronger performer. Liz explains why it helps to have friends who can give you honest critical feedback. They discuss the challenge of recognizing when an audience sucks versus admitting that your own act needs work, and agree that even a shitty audience can provide an opportunity to have a rewarding performing experience. Liz speaks about the importance of self-care, and staying mentally healthy. This, it turns out, is crucial for better, more grounded comedy. Dan sees this as the correct response to the way that some comics seem to revel in being mentally unhealthy.

Liz talks about a new joke she is working on about her mom. The challenge of the joke is that it touches on the theme of child abuse, but she also talks about learning to see her mother as a wonderful person. Meanwhile Dan has an idea for a joke about turning down social interactions with friends so that he can stay home and experience the illusion of hanging out with people via YouTube.

Dan Kapr