Ep. 53 - Woo Woo Is Ready for Fall

How do you find the perfect comedy catch phrase? When is it good to back away from a unique branding opportunity? These are some of the topics that Dan discusses with Baltimore comic Woo Woo.

Dan and Woo Woo talk about some recent shows they did together. Woo Woo talks about how comedy turned out to be more challenging than she realized, although she is a very strong performer. She and Dan compare notes on how they prepare for shows and write down new material. They agree that the time immediately following a good show is one of the best times to work on editing your jokes.

Dan is working on a new joke how climate change has affected his jokes. Meanwhile Woo Woo is trying to find a catchphrase, and wants to expand on a funny line regarding being ready for the fall. In the bonus content (available on patreon.com/danhasjokes) Woo Woo tells some ghost stories, and Dan talks about an idea for a ghost-related joke. He then shares an idea for a longer bit based on a personal experience.

Dan Kapr