ep. 13 - Josh Kuderna

Josh tells lots of strange, almost certainly made-up stories, much to Dan's dismay. Meanwhile, Dan tries to promote his Patreon but the result is somewhat embarrassing.

ep. 12 - Dark Mark Joyner

Dan brings Dark Mark into the studio to get some feedback about the show, but Mark is less interested in answering questions than he is in squishing Dan's brains.

ep. 11 - Beth Haydon

Beth is mad at Dan because he didn't pay her to be on the show, and then Beth expresses a desire to engage in cannibalism.

ep. 10 - Lyle Drescher

Lyle insists that the show include more noises, and drives Dan to the breaking point. It seems like a lot of the guests push Dan to his breaking point? Why does Dan do this?

ep. 9 - Michael Furr

Dan reminisces with Michael, but Michael seems to remember things differently than Dan does. Also Michael reveals that he used to work for Oprah and it sounds like she was a total weirdo.

ep. 8 - Ryan Lina

Ryan has a lot of stories about banana peels, one of which ends with him bothering people in jail.

ep. 7 - Eric Navarro

Eric rather quickly pushes Dan over the edge, and things pretty much fall apart. Lots of words get bleeped and then there's a heartwarming ending.

ep. 6 - Raja Michael, Isaac Hirsch, & Anthony Davis

Dan video chats with three LA comedians. Raja suspects Dan of trying to steal her ideas, Isaac gets flustered at Dan’s bad memory, and Anthony gets weird.

ep. 5 - Nicki Fuchs

Dan gets Nicki to open up about her style of comedy, and the results are horrifying. Nicki seems to be having a good time though.

ep. 4 - Elizabeth Norman

Dan tries to help Elizabeth come up with better ways of meeting people in cemeteries, but getting her not to talk about opossums is a challenge.

ep. 3 - Brendan Krick

Dan suspects that Brendan Krick is a murderer, especially after Brendan tells him that he’s a murderer. Then things somehow get worse.

ep. 2 - Alyssa Cowan

Dan speaks to Alyssa Cowan who decides to go by a different name. He tries to get her to tell a joke but it gets weird. It always gets weird.

ep. 1 - Scott Seiss

In this episode Dan talks to Scott Seiss about his life before comedy. There's vikings and stray dogs, it's a whole thing.

ep. 0 - Ray Easter

Welcome back to Dan Kapr's attempt at a late night talk show! In this recut of an old episode, Dan tries in vain to get a coherent interview out of Ray Easter. Things get weird when Dan makes an awkward pun with Ray's name.